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How do we create an irresistible church? Becs Millington is joined by Leon Evans and Duncan Banks to explore how you can make your church irresistible.


You can watch the series by clicking on the links below or listen to the podcasts here.


Episode 1: Does the church in the UK need a rebrand?

Listen: The Strategic Church

Watch: The Strategic Church

Episode 2: Should a church primarily focus on who they are reaching or who they are keeping?

Listen: The Irresistible Church Service

Watch: The Irresistible Church Service

Episode 3: If our high streets are declining because people shop online is the church heading that way too?

Listen: The Digital Church

Watch: The Digital Church

Episode 4: How does a church keep deep roots spiritually but a wide reach culturally?

Listen: The Deep & Wide Church

Watch: The Deep & Wide Church

Episode 5: How do we get the right people in the right leadership roles?

Listen: The Well Lead Church

Watch: The Well Lead Church

Episode 6: How do we go about creating a vision that sticks?

Listen: The Sticky Church Vision

Watch: The Sticky Church Vision

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