Become a Healthy Leader for the Long Haul
with Jason 'Perko' Perkins

A free, in-person workshop to help you reach your goals without losing your soul along the way


Dates & Locations

Lifecentral Church, Halesowen

Mon 26 Sept 2022

9.30am - 12.00pm 

Finchampstead Baptist Church

Mon 3 Oct 2022

9.30am - 12.30pm 

What do you need to become a healthy leader for the long haul?

Why are so many leaders failing right now? How can you spot the signs that your leadership platform is outgrowing your character? What can you do to develop an inner life that will help you lead a healthy church?

Jason Perkins is on a mission to help you reach your goal without losing your soul.

Leaders are always leading externally from what's going on internally. So the Further Faster Network & Jason will help you to put some time into finding out what's happening underneath. It's the greatest gift you can give your church, your team and your family!

This FREE morning workshop with Jason will help you reach your professional, personal & spiritual goals without losing your soul.

About Jason:

In 2015, Jason accepted a lead pastor position at a North Point Strategic partner church in Colorado Springs, USA where after years of growth in attendance, engagement, and giving he came face to face with burnout. It was in this season that Jason realised the importance of Soul Care, and how it doesn't have to mean sacrificing your strategy or success. Jason and his wife Kristin, along with their three kids, are now living in Brisbane, Australia where Jason is the Network Director for the Australian Irresistible Churches Network.