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What makes a Further Faster Network Church?


Life in the Kingdom of Heaven isn't easy….but discovering it should be.


Here’s the simple truth: Jesus said it’s not easy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he made it obvious how to discover it; then he gave to the Church the task of inviting others in.


But have we fallen asleep on the job? Have we as the local church become more concerned with maintaining our mini-kingdoms than opening the door to God’s Kingdom?


Further Faster exists to help leaders create churches that reach unchurched people.


Because life in the Kingdom of Heaven isn't easy,

but discovering it should be.

Life in the Kingdom of Heaven isn't easy, but discovering it should be

This isn’t about being a certain denomination, demographic, or style.

Network churches hold three strategic priorities in common:


They are FOR their Community


"So that our communities know we're here, are glad we're here and are better off because we are here"


They INSPIRE their crowd


"So that people keep coming back to continue the journey with us towards faith in Jesus"



their core


"So that people close the gap between church on a Sunday and life on a Monday"


Our Network Churches

And there are 6 questions our churches ask themselves
to keep them aligned with these priorities...

1) Do we go out of our way to intentionally and relevantly serve our local community?

2) Do we consistently gather people in appealing settings which are well sign posted, clean and safe? 

3) Do we go the extra mile to make each one of our presentations truly engaging? 

4) Are we intentionally prioritising the next generation?

5) Have we created clear and compelling next steps to connect our people into serving roles?

6) Have we created simple next steps which move people into intentional small group relationships?


Find out how your church is doing -->

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