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You want your church to be successful, right? You want to grow. You want to reach new people. Even people who are far from God. The Further Faster Network of churches can give you the tools you need to create that kind of church in your community.
We recognise that the gravitational pull of all churches is towards insiders. So we want to help you focus your church on people you are trying to reach rather than the already reached. When you orient all you do around these FIVE strategic priorities - it leads to growth. Our Partner Churches have discovered that when you make these five strategies a priority in terms of budget, staffing, energy and focus then their churches grow.
1. Creating Irresistible Environments
Growing churches think Jesus was irresistible and, therefore, his church should be as well. From the car park, the state of the bathrooms, the kids' areas and the main worship space, growing churches are committed to creating irresistible environments that serve as steps to community.

2. Producing Engaging Services
Growing churches create relevant Sunday services that make people want to come back and take next steps. That means an engaging talk (sermon) with helpful content given in an appealing context.

3. Prioritising Children’s & Youth Ministry
Growing churches want this generation of kids and young people to be the next generation of church leaders, so we invest heavily in them.

4. Moving people from rows to circles
Growing churches know that life change happens best in the context of intentional relationships. If you are going to grow people spiritually you have to connect them relationally. And small groups provide a healthy way for intentional relationships to form. That’s why we believe circles are better than rows.

5. Connecting through serving
Growing churches make every effort to relationally connect people through serving roles that fit their gifts and passions. They are highly strategic in how they gain, train and then retain their volunteers.
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