Content, Coaching & Connection to help your leaders go further faster
Helping you grow your
church by reaching
unchurched people.
Ever thought, "We almost never get visitors and they rarely come back... It's been a while since we've seen anyone become a Christian at church."
We can help you
We provide coaching, content and connection for leaders who want to grow their church by reaching unchurched people.
Your church is a big deal to us. We are passionate about helping churches like yours overcome obstacles. Here’s what’s on offer:

• A framework that will grow your church
• A network of growing churches, from all denominations around the globe
• Access to world class Sunday content for your kids, youth and adults
• Individual coaching calls for pastors and ministry leaders

What we offer

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You get

We’ll give you fabulous content to help  create irresistible environments in your setting, produce engaging services every Sunday, prioritise kids & youth, gain, train & retain happy volunteers

and get people into groups.


You get

We want you to know you are not on this journey alone. One of the biggest benefits of partnership with us is the ability to be connected with like minded leaders who are trying to implement a similar ministry model.


You get

We will walk with you every step of the way. We will help you implement five strategic priorities that will lead to your church growth. And we'll do this primarily via regular Zoom coaching calls.


Leon Evans - Lifecentral Church

We’ve always wanted to be a church that reaches unchurched people but it’s only recently that we’ve found an effective way to do that. We’ve grown to become a multi site church that meets in 3 locations, with around 700 people influencing several hundred more each week. Being part of the Further Faster Network has given us friends for the journey as well as some great content and coaching.



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